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American Heritage Festival-Part 1

This year we decided to attend the annual American Heritage Festival at Schnep's Farm in Queen Creek, AZ.  It was an awesome day for us all!  David and I really enjoy history and American Wars and I love that our girls are developing a similar passion.  My parents came with us, which is always great, especially since having my Dad around is like having a walking encyclopedia.

I had to write two posts about this because there were just so many great pictures from the day.  You know your kids enjoyed something when they ask about coming back before you even leave!

Here is Mayah with "Hal" who was part Native American and lived during the American Revolution.  He was FULL of knowledge and information!  However, he kept calling the "white man" stupid and I thought Mayah was going to come out of her skin since that is a four letter word to her.  

The Red Coats are coming!!!

Abraham Lincoln.  My parents took the girls home with them after the festival (woo hoo!) and  we went to see the movie Lincoln with Daniel Day-Lewis and Sally Field.  Amazing movie!  

The girls learned about washing clothes in the late 1700's.  Nothing like a bar of lye and bacon fat to make your clothes feel super clean! 

One of my favorite discoveries!  This is a bar of tea, just like the tea dumped in the Boston Tea Party!  I never knew it was a solid block-I had always imagined it as loose tea.  I love learning!

Cannon ball!  Very cool.

General George Washington leading the historians/reenactors out to officially start the day. It was a very Patriotic ceremony.  We all loved it, especially after coming out of this most recent election feeling a bit sad for the direction of our country.

Abe and Ulysses S. Grant

Civil War

Chiara wearing a bonnet similar to that which Felicity would have worn.  She did a whole unit study about the Revolutionary War using the American Girl Series; you can read about it here.

Leah joining in the fun

Revolutionary War reenactment.  To our surprise and delight the girls loved these most of the entire day!  In fact, they have played "Revolutionary War" and "Civil War" with some friends in the backyard recently.

Emma can't help but be CUTE!  

The girls loved the school section. 

We were told Leah would not have been allowed to be left-handed.  My guess is she would have said "not fair" and did it anyway!

Emma looking at some OLD school books and novels.

I was so very proud of my girls for remembering the horn book we studied in history!

David and Leah jumping rope!!!

Chiara and Mayah giving it a try.

Check out more about our day here.
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