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Merry Christmas - part 4

Here is the skirt and doll dress I made for Chiara.  I made them for Chiara, Mayah, and Leah.

Papa (David's Dad) made Emma her fleece blanket.  The other girls all have one.  Emma's is Tinkerbell.

Stocking time!

This is where Emma wanted to sit to open hers.

Chiara asked all year long for this book.  I was thrilled to get it for her!

Great Nana and Great Grampy opening their Omaha Steaks from my parents.  

Aunt Jessica was here this year.  Her first Christmas with her family in a very long time.  It was lovely.

Nanny and Grampy brought in HUGE gifts....cute picture!

TRUNKS!  Personalized and ready for the many many things the girls hang on to. They were filled with toys and other gifts.

Chiara making her big Friends Lego set with Aunt Jessica

Mayah's first Lego set

Me and my sweet husband. Love this guy and I love spending this time of year with him.

Aunt Jessica with three of her nieces.


It was a wonderful Christmas; it always is!  I love the joy, the food, the laughter, and the fun!!!

Hope yours was as merry as ours!

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