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Christmas Baking with Nanny

Each year Nanny bakes with the girls and they decorate gingerbread houses.  The girls look forward to it every year.  This was Emma's first time participating, which of course is wonderful to watch.  We baked for hours, had smoothies, and fun!  Chiara even made Nanny breakfast!!!  A great day!

This is what all the aprons say, which each girl's name
Nanny and her girls wearing their baking aprons!

Leah decorating her house

Emma, decorating and doing some sampling too!

The big girls have "designs" in mind

Nanny helping Emma

Emma being silly with Leah's penguin hat/mittens from Nanny

Mixing the dough for thumbprint cookies

"Cheese" making peanut butter cookies

The big girls making PB Cookies

Just chillin' at the table making eating cookies

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