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Christmas Show and Evening

Another yearly tradition is attending Phoenix First Assembly's Christmas production.  It is not your average church Christmas show-it is right up there with a Broadway show....flying angels and live animals!  Fantastic!

It had been unseasonably warm and the sun was getting the girls eyes outside so we did not get our normal family shots this year.  

 Chiara and Mayah with Mr and Mrs Claus

My beautiful, precious girls. I do not take lightly that they are happy, healthy, smart girls.  We are truly blessed beyond measure.

Nanny and Grampy with their girls.

Me and my hot husband!

Emma was clapping and ready for the show.  It was so cute to watch her.

After the show we head to my parent's house for dinner, tree trimming, and presents.  This year we are so happy to have my uncle and his family here in Arizona! 
Above is Rachel, my cousin, putting on ornaments with the girls.

Present time!

Nanny knows what Leah loves!  Llama Llama books are favorites!
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