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Merry Christmas- part 3

Time for Mommy to open her gifts!  Chiara made me a gift....I had no idea that it would have me in tears.  For David's birthday I had put together a jar of "All the Reasons I love you"-about 300 pieces of paper, each listing a reason.  She took that idea, with a cup she made a cover for and papers that said all the reasons she loves home schooling.  Tears.  Joy.  

David captured the emotion.  I can't wait to start reading them, which she said I had to wait until we started school again.

My sweet Mayah bought me a gift.  It was a lovely mug for my coffee and tea.  I used it Christmas Day!

Leah getting a kiss...David surprised me with a Kindle Fire!  WOW!!!

Emma helping me open a gift.

Daddy's turn!  This gift from the girls had layers of love!  The first layer was Chiara's.

Next was Mayah's

Finally Leah's....and she is helping...

It was the Avengers Bluray DVD.

I surprised him with new headphones...his other ones have the wires exposed!

Emma with her Minnie vacuum.  She was not so sure

Love this little helper!

Perfume from my man!

Cute picture!

David got all 3 movies he wanted this year!

David bought a juicer for all 5 of his girls....for smoothie making!!!!
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