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ZooLights/Phoenix Zoo 2012

Another family tradition this time of the year is our night visit to the Phoenix Zoo to see the lights...and a talking Giraffe named Jengo. The girls look forward to it every year.  Since the weather has finally turned to winter out here it was quite chilly which just makes the experience better.  

Last year the music light show they do (every 5 minutes) was a "storm" and was complained about by myself and my mother...along with many visitors and we are happy to say they changed it!  Back to kid/family friendly! 

Emma enjoyed seeing Jengo the talking giraffe and absolutely loved the lights!  

Nanny bought her girls animal hats so they all wore them on this chilly night!  Such cuties.

The light show on the lake!

Jengo talking-he said each of the girls names, but mispronounced Chiara and Mayah.  We excused him because he is a giraffe.

Nanny and Grampy with the girls

Emma insisted on walking.  We are slowly leaving the season of needing a stroller anymore. 
Crazy thought!

Chiara went on the Polar Slide, but I could not get any pics.

Emma, Leah, and Mayah went on the carousel. 

Petting her zebra. 

Leah loved her lion!

Mayah was on a jackrabbit this time
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