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Head Over Heels

I have three beautiful princesses that are one hundred percent head over heels for their Daddy. When he leaves for work (if they are up) there are usually tears and when he returns from work each day there is a mini celebration!!! He is greeted at the door with cheers, hugs, and kisses.

There is a special bond between father and daughter.....I know it well as I think my dad is pretty awesome! Daughters need their fathers....they need them to comfort them, guide them, show them how a boy should treat them, and just be their protector. My girls are blessed with a Daddy that is all this and more! As you can see from Chiara's sweet picture, he is "Super Dad" and that makes her super too! As I am writing this and looking at this precious drawing I just now notice that they are holding hands. Wow. There is such closeness between these two.

Moms have a different sort of relationship with their is easy to become ever-so slightly jealous of this Daddy-Daughter bond. I never would have thought I would have three daughters, but watching David with them I know it is just the way it should be!

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