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Family Fireside Fun

Our Fireside Family Night was GREAT fun!! As always David built a perfect fire...of course it was a bit smokey due to the crazy winds we have been having here lately. No one seemed to mind though!
Mayah and Colin enjoying their smores. The kids were all certainly hyped up on sugar after two or three!!!

Melissa (aka MC) making her perfect smore....charcoal style!

Here is Chiara enjoying her smore with Marissa and Madeline. There were so many high pitch screams of joy!!!!

We can't wait to do it one more time before the weather gets hot at night!


  1. I'm glad you got a picture of MC actually wearing a jacket! lol!

  2. What a fun night, the girls must have been psyched. We just did that in the backyard too, while Kev was home recovering. I love smores.
    Thanks for the prayers by the way. You are such a blessing.


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