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Beach Baby, beach Baby...there on the Sand...

My sweet Mayah...we have already entered the bathing suit season! This means less laundry for me and more fun for her! Last summer she spent the entire summer in a bathing suit-whether she got wet or not! I think this is her comprimise....I thinks she would rather be naked.

There are some things not worth fighting over. This is one of them. She has no problem putting clothes on over it to go out and she knows there are some times that she will have to wear clothes.

The particular suit she is wearing in the photo is from her best friend Madeline. I love that Mayah gets hand-me-downs from her younger best friend! She is such a peanut!

So, here is to less laundry and one happy 3 year old!
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  1. haha.. Eric gets those hand me "ups" instead of hand me downs.
    I would love to tell you that the naked or bathing suit thing is a phase.. however emily is still that way with her bathing suit.

  2. Praise the lord for bathingsuit weather ;) My Eden and your Mayah, are so similar it's wild. She is my strong willed and hot tempered child and she loves to be naked all the time. Help!


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