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PFA-Promotion to Kindergarten Class

Sunday we all went to second service at our church. We usually go to first because second falls during lunch and nap times. It is just not convenient. Well, this past Sunday was the promotion ceremony for all those kids who were moving up. Chiara was able to participate because she will be Kindergarten age....she still finds this very confusing because academically we finished Kindergarten already.

We had both Chiara and Mayah sitting in service with us. There is nothing that brings tears to my eyes than looking over at these two beautiful girls and watching them praise the Lord. Mayah clapping to the song with her little hands and Chiara trying to sing along makes my eyes well up. I could barely look over at them! The one time I dared Chiara was raising her hands in worship and I lost a parent you wonder what your children are learning watching you-do they understand your love for the Lord? Do they know Him? I surely can say that my children do. Sunday worship has a way of wiping all the junk away from the week.

Here Chiara is with Miss Robin. She has been a blessing for PFA and us! She loves each child that walks into "The Tab" and knows them well. Chiara is very fond of her and I know she will miss praise and worship time with her.
Chiara in front of the train.....she loves the train! Each child received a wonderful Bible. From Genesis to Revelation! I love it! They wrote her name in it....little things like that make kids feel so special.
We had planned a simple little lunch after, but it turned into an Olive Garden feast! We laughed and had a joyful time celebrating Chiara's promotion! The girls even enjoyed some chocolate gelato! Yum!!
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