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A Fishy Experience

David bought the girls their very own fishing rods. Chiara has a Barbie one and Mayah has Lightning McQueen (of course!). They frequent places like Cabela's, Bass Pro Shops, and REI, but this was the real deal!!!

He took them to Desert Breeze Park in Chandler to have their first fishing experience. They loved it! The Lord blessed them with a great man nearby that gave them some of his Catfish bait....and Chiara caught one!!!!!!!!!!

She is a lot like her mother and did not need to get too close!
Mayah, on the other hand, may have kissed it if we had asked her to!
Catfish for was not that bad. The girls tried some, but wanted their grass fed beef burgers...can't blame them! Great job to David for making his first fresh fish for dinner!
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