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Camping with Daddy in the Backyard!

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David has been talking about taking the girl camping for some time. So, I borrowed a tent from some friends in Mi CASA (thanks Vickroys!!) and they camped out in our backyard. I thought it would be a good introduction to camping for them and for David with them. After peeing about 17 times each they finally settled in for the night....only 9:30pm! I am proud of my little 'night light kind of girls' for sleeping outside in the dark. Only up once to pee at 2AM and David telling Mayah to go back to sleep at 5AM...not too bad.

Where was I???? Inside, in my comfy bed and air conditioned house. Leah was staying in her crib so someone needed to be inside....duh!

I think we are highly considering a tent for our family now......I never would have thought!

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