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Just Being a Big Girl

It is just amazing how fast time goes....I say it all the time, but this beautiful third girl we have is a constant reminder that it gets quicker every year! She is doing more things all the time, but it is not so much what she is doing, but how she is doing it. She is mastering skills so much sooner than her two big pays to have such good examples.

Here she is eating a bagel, without mutilating it. This is after eating her yogurt with a spoon-not her hands, but a spoon. Never had to teach her.
I am going to attempt potty training in the next few weeks. She is ready and so am I. I love how cute they look in their panties. Diapers are ugly. I wish I had gone cloth from the get-go.
Leah even wants to help big sister Chiara empty the dishwasher....she insists! Loudly!

I think Chiara likes the help.....building relationships, even in the simple things!
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