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Willy Wonka with the Big Girls

Months ago we read Roald Dahl's Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and then watched the original movie. The girls loved it and David and I enjoyed the experience. So, of course when I saw that a theater in Phoenix was putting on a Willy Wonka Production I was on top of it!!! I am so glad that I jumped on it. It was an hour and a half show (no intermission) and perfect for little ones their age. I would say it was a big step up from a high school performance (though they LOVED the Nutcracker), but not a full length production at the Dodge Theater.

Mayah was very anxious for the show to start and because she is so petite her wiggle bum was on my lap. I am so happy that she is at an age where she can handle sitting for long periods of time. She was so cute every time she clapped.
I took the girls out to Applebee's for lunch. What fun...did you know Kids Eat FREE on Wednesdays??!?!?! Well, one of them did because it was just me who bought an adult meal. Anyway, I love opportunities like this where I can teach them manners and etiquette. We all had our napkins on our laps and ate with our mouths closed.

They were both tuckered out after lunch and snoozed a bit on the car ride home. I just smiled....

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  1. Glad you had a blast! I LOVE Willy Wonka! I always hate when it's on TV and I forget to record it for the girls.

    Looks like you had a great time together!

    Tired kids are happy kids!


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