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First Day of School 2013

Our first day of school came and went without a lot of excitement I must say.  Maybe it was because we never really took off the summer.  Maybe it was because we just got back from a crazy weekend in California.  Maybe it was because David was still away.  Not sure the reason, but things were just not the same this year.  

I made a bunch of changes- a huge thanks to the website Confessions of a Homeschooler - for her awesome organization ideas and other great things that I have worked into our home school.  I adapt her ideas to work for our budget and our needs. One of them is the Daily Notebook.  I think it is a great way to start the day and get focused. Along with handwriting, calendar, and weather work.  

The girls enjoy doing it. 

I am hoping to get some new photos of how much things have changed in the 5 weeks since we started.  Always fine tuning!

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