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Lovely Long Locks

I never thought I would care about the length of my kids hairs. Well, I do! HA! I love having their hair really long while they are young. Yes, it is much more work for me to maintain it, but I loved having long hair as a kid (thanks mom!) and now seeing my daughters with their lovely locks makes me love it more!

It is hard to tell how long Miss
Mayah's hair is getting because the Lord has given her these wild curls! I actually prefer her with curls...just suits her personality perfectly!

This is the second time I have straightened it to see how long it! It has grown so much in the past few months. It is not growing as fast as Chiara's did, but it is getting there. Mayah tells me she wants long hair like Chiara....of course Chiara knows the "pain" long hair can be.

Chiara's hair is simply gorgeous. Like her mother's youthful hair it will take to any style and you can do anything with it. I can't wait to do the princess laya mom will appreciate that! Chiara's hair takes a lot of work, for me, not her. I know some day she will love that she had these lovely long locks. And I can hear her echoing her Nanny (as her mother echos her mom) telling her daughter that a little pain a little doesn't hurt that badly.....your hair is beautiful!

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  1. Just beautiful Jen. I am partial to long hair too ;) So pretty. Lily's hair is thick and straight, so it's easy to grow it long, but poor Eden has her Daddy's hair, very fine and slow growing, not sure how long we can let it will grow before it starts looking scraggly. ;(
    Oh and I forgot to mention, I love Mayah's Easter Dress!


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