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The Joy of 3

Leah cracks us up. She gets humor and is just enjoyable to be around....well, minus this season of teething eye teeth. Yuck!

I watch her around her two big sisters and laugh at the things she is doing at such a young age....things her oldest sister would never have thought to do! She enjoys the see-saw-it freaks me out watching her on there, but she loves it. It was her sisters that helped her get on and showed her what to do. She thinks she is SO big!

Today we had Madeline over and my big girls knew that I would treat them all to Organic Gummy Bears. And so I did. Well, Miss Leah was not going to be left out of that! Organic gummies are not as soft as regular ones and I was nervous to give them to her. She made me laugh at how adamant she was about having them. I cut them in half, gave her half a bag (mini size ones) and she was esctatic! JOY!!! As soon as she finished she came over yelling....she knew there were more! I gave in! She felt so good being treated as one of the big girls. Oh my!!!

I am amazed at how much faster things happen with her than they did with her sisters. It is not that we let her do things "early", but that she is aware of so much more out there. Trouble.


  1. Those little ones surely know how to connect those "dots" a lot quicker, don't they!?!

  2. this post gets me excited for our number 3 what a joyful handful she will be I'm sure. I can't wait.


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