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A Wonderful Waste of Time

As a mom to 4 young girls I do not find myself with a lot of "free" time, especially when they are awake! Since we have started Accountable Kids again I do see that the house is cleaner and stays clean so I am not consumed with housework during the moments I am not holding Emma, playing with one or more of the girls, or making a meal.  This past week I decided to make a fun activity for Leah.  She loves "There was an Old Lady..." books and since everything seems to be checked out by school kids at our library the only one left was "There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Trout!"  Silly.  She does not die in the end-I guess that only happens when you swallow a horse!  We have read it before and I got the idea to make an Old Lady and the items she ingests.  

Google, clip art, felt, tape, paper....and time to waste! 

She loved it and that is all that matters.
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