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One more before it all changes.....

I am not ready to say goodbye to the gummy smile.  Emma only has 2 bottom teeth that you really can't see most of the time.  Her two top teeth are coming down now and I am not ready.  New parents may get excited about these things, but for me it is a reminder that she continues to get older (I would say bigger, but then I just laugh!) and she is full of changes.  Gummy smile means baby.....teeth means toddler.  I am sure "toddling around" technically means toddler, but the teeth just gets me in my gut.  It changes their face.  Sigh.  So, I have been taking an excess of pictures of her this past week because I can see the teeth poking through-and she is miserable-so I know my time is limited with this baby smile. Yes, she is toddling around now on top of the teeth coming out.....I always have a hard time with this season.  I think knowing she is the last is making it a bit more bitter sweet.  Bigger sigh.

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