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Chiara's New Cork Board

Another craft!  This is my fourth covered cork board.  My first was for Chiara when she was itty bitty.  It has princess crowns on it and is very girly.  I made one as a gift for her friend (years ago) and just made one for Mayah this year. 

Leah and Chiara did a room swap a few weeks ago.  So, Chiara gifted Leah her board and I told her I would make a new one for her.  I took her to JoAnn's so she could pick her fabric, ribbon, and accents.  I was surprised at the peacock print, but loved that it still had pink and a girly feel to it. 

I wanted to do buttons on the ribbon, but she insisted on the roses.  Her board.  Her choice.

It came out great and I made it in less than 30 minutes.  Just need to hang it and let her fill it with her pictures and personal touch!

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