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My Left-Handed Smarty Pants!

I have been a home schooling Momma for 4 years now.  Chiara was 3 when we started working together.  It was only about 15 minutes a day, but she just absorbed everything...and even better, retained it!  Chiara is starting third grade curriculum this year, Mayah is finishing an extended Kindergarten curriculum and will most likely start a first grade this fall.  Leah...well, Leah is 3 and reminds me so much of her oldest sister.  She absorbs EVERYTHING around her.  Song lyrics, letter sounds, movie quotes....inflection and ALL!  A-Mazing!  She continues to blow us away with what she knows and how well she remembers.  SPONGE. 

I have her using Reading Eggs right now, which I highly recommend.  Leah taught HERSELF how to use the computer.  My father joked one day, when Leah had disappeared onto the computer while we were all talking, that she was in there writing the newest version of Facebook!  HA!  No doubt!

Leah is my only left-handed daughter (for now, who knows about Miss Emma).   Teaching her to write is something I think about it often.  I can write with my left handed, but to do it properly is not as easy. I watch her write and just like the computer it seems she is just getting it.  Glory!  I brought the easel down so she could have something to work on/play with.  Funny how old things become new when you move them.  I am impressed with her writing and spelling!!!!!!!!!  For now I will keep her on Reading Eggs, Starfall, and learning through conversation (and obviously observation!).  We may start some formal time together this fall or in the new year, but like the her older sisters she will let me know when she is ready.

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