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Two Fish and a Tadpole

The three older girls took private swim lessons again this summer with the beautiful and lovely Rachelle Hardin. She is so great with the kids! We love her and her family. We decided to do four weeks worth of lessons this year because we were only doing twice a week. I am so happy with where each of them is at. Leah would not even put her face really in the water, other than blowing bubbles, before the second week. Even bath time was a, it's a cakewalk!  Mayah is swimming, but still needs a few breaks or a little help.  Chiara is full on swimming.  Mayah likes to swim at the surface, but Chiara likes to get deep in the pool.  I am so proud of all of them....major bonus....Rachelle is a home schooled kid, who has completed her high school years early and is going to CAC this fall.  What a great example to my girls!!!!!!!!!!!!

She played "Ring Around the Rosey" with Leah to get her under the water. She loved it and was so proud of herself.

Little swimming with some help

Mayah getting the ring before it touches the bottom!

Swimming!  This year they both did the breast stroke!

Go Chiara!

So happy they are getting this since last year the only time they went swimming was during lessons (due to having Emma in June).  
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