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Celebrating 11 Years Married

June 23, 2001 was the first of "happiest days of my life!" I married the man I knew I would marry the day of our first date in December of 1997(he would tell you the same!). We still smile thinking about the first time we met (July 6, 1997)...we remember every detail-even though at the time we did not think anything of it. Amazing. Eleven years of marriage later we have a beautiful life together, four adorable girls, and things have never been better. We have learned a lot along the way, which you can read about HERE.  

For our anniversary this year I asked my parents to watch all FOUR girls (we had not yet left Emma).  David planned our dinner date and I had a surprise up my sleeve.  All four girls were spending the night at my parents, David had NO clue!  Just one night away in a hotel....oh, what a wonderful thing! I had an even bigger on.....
He took me to Kabuki, a Japanese/Sushi restaurant at Westgate.  A-Mazing food!!!  We ate so much Sashimi (we really do not eat rice), gyoza, tempura, and even some delicious cooked meat!  A spectacular mojito to top it off!  The pictures are so-so because we just used David's camera-I wanted to be fully present and not worry about taking pictures.  Ironically though David bought me a speed light for my camera!  He is so supportive of this new passion I have and I love him for it!

Here is some of the ridiculously good salmon sashimi.  

Sitting in front of the fountains

My BIG surprise! Next year for our anniversary we will be taking a 3 day cruise!!!!!!!  ALONE!  Woo Hoo!!!!  Nanny and Grampy are already booked and we set sail for Ensanada, Mexico June 14, 2013! 

 Love this guy!

Happy wife!

We enjoyed one of the fountain shows after dinner.

Can't wait until next year.....
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