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Pretty paint and new carpet smell

The house had an odor....a combination of musty and dirty. The removal of the popcorn ceilings really did not help the smell either; just added to the musty.

Our first goals were to ensure the girls rooms and our room were done for move in. David and I took on the task of the girls rooms (minus the removal of the popcorn ceilings) because they are the only two rooms not being painted the same color as the rest of the house.

We let the girls decide on their room colors, with some restriction. Their rooms are not large so the color had to be on the pale side of the spectrum. Chiara and Emma chose a purple room and mayah and Leah a pink room. 
They did a great job with their choices!!! I would like to write that all went smoothly because it's just two small bedrooms, but no. Like everything else in this house there was a big issue (insert the movie The Money Pit playing over and over in my mind!).

David painted the ceilings rolled the walls while I cut the edges and then did the trim ( which was easy with no carpet!!!). As David was rolling in the pink room the walk started peeling away! Are you kidding? Just flaking off. Would you believe it happened in the purple room as well?!? They rooms do not share a wall! Thankfully our handyman rocks!!! He patched the spaces on the walls, re textured them and we were able to finish before the carpet was installed. 
Originally the only carpet that was being replaced was the master but after getting a closer look at the other rooms we decided it all had to go! 
The carpet.....we chose a stock carpet which is cheap (.98/sq ft) because we don't plan on keeping it in there longer than five years. Lowes was able to get us schedule for a Friday install after a Sunday purchase and late Wednesday measurement. However, when the scheduler called to confirm she informed me that the "upgraded" pad we got was not an in stock product and took ten days to get!!!! What?!?! Deep breaths. She called lowes to sort it out....the end result was the highest level padding from stain master at no extra charge!!! Blessing!!! 
So, Friday comes and I wait for the installers to inform me they are on their way. We were a second job so around 2pm is what I was told. The first call said about a two hour delay due to the complexity of the first job. Now, everything is on a very tight timeline because of when we have to be out of our rental. We had friends coming over Friday to help us move the girls stuff into their rooms. Less stuff for moving day and David had his friends open trailer so why not? 
The next call I got close to 5pm was another TWO HOURS. I started laughing. What else could I do? So, our friends cams over and we loaded up the trailer. All the stuff was dumped in the front two rooms. We then loaded up the trailer with all the carpet we tore out, the cabinets we tore down and trash. Trash that was not ours. Trash that should have been dealt with years ago. 

The installers got to the house around 7:30pm to start. Our painter was working and we were finishing up loading the trash. We took the girls home to bed and David headed back to the house to work on things and wait for the installers to finish. About 10:30 pm everything was done. 
The padding we got was awesome and the carpet changed the look of the bedrooms completely. 
Upgraded padding
Master before with popcorn ceiling on it
Master painted and new carpet
The pink room before
Purple room before

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  1. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this house and all the wonderful things you're doing to it!!!! What a blessing!!! Congratulations to your beautiful family! Love beth


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