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Goodnight Nimrod

"Goodnight Nimrod."

There's a phrase I never thought you would hear in my house.  Along with:

"Wash yourself Nimrod."

"Get dressed Nimrod."

"Brush your teeth Nimrod."

Bad parenting?  Nope.  Creative and imaginative child.

The girls recently watched Mr. Popper's Penguins.  A Jim Carrey flick that I enjoyed too.  Cute.  Good message.  Down of the 6 penguins was named Nimrod- due in part to him doing things like walking into walls.

Leah especially enjoyed this movie.  She first loved Loudy-I think because she could yell without punishment.  However, Nimrod seems to be her penguin of choice to play make-believe.  I love how her imagination is so big!  She takes on a role and does a voice, actions, and goes so far to tell me that penguins don't wear took a lot of convincing to get her pajamas on after her bath.

Hilarious.  That's Leah.  Three years old and she just gets humor.

I had tucked my little penguin in, went to my room, and from across the house I hear David say, "Goodnight Nimrod" and close her door.  I just about busted a gut laughing.

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  1. We love that movie in our house! It is cute :)

    .....and I just LOVE when the kids pick up things like that!


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