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Chiara Donates to Locks of Love

My oldest daughter has always had an empathetic heart-one beyond her years. She cries for the wounded and the hurting and she prays for those in need.  She has been especially touched by a sweet young girl she met at church named Kate.  You can read Kate's story here (an I encourage you to join us in praying for her).  Meeting Kate was no accident, but we believe God has his perfect order working.....a little background:

Almost two years ago we decided to leave the church we were attending.  We were not sure where we were going to go, but I had a few recommendations from a friend.  We knew we wanted a large church and did not have any desire to attend here in Casa Grande.  So, off we went to Cornerstone Church in Chandler.  The first service we attended was about relationships/sex so we were already excited!  LOL!  When we picked up Chiara from the Kindergarten room she was all excited about this girl she made friends with.  That first week she did not remember the girl's name, but she said she had a broken leg (well, Chiara thought she did).  I was happy meeting someone made Chiara feel at home in this new church.   At the Women of Faith conference I attended I had heard about a little girl named Kate that had brain cancer, that attended Cornerstone.  Her father was a pastor on staff.  We had heard him speak and his teaching was right on.  Everyone seemed to be settling into this new church, but I was not.  I asked the Lord to give me peace that this is where we were supposed to be.  Another Sunday, we sat.  A beautiful woman sat next to me and said hello.  She introduced herself as Holly and said her husband was a pastor on staff.....of course I asked if it was Aaron McRae and sure enough it was.  Now this small encounter on the surface seems like a kind person welcoming someone new.  I knew it was more than that.  I had read about her daughter and told her how I had heard of Kate.  I quietly thanked the Lord for sending me this peace.....of course he was not done with me yet.  I went into the LONG kindergarten line to pick up Chiara and she comes racing to the door with another girl holding her hand.  "Mom, mom, this is my friend I was telling you about!  This is Kate."  I turned around to see Holly standing in line behind me to pick Kate up as well.  Tears filled my eyes....of course the Lord would have Chiara meet Kate.  Quietly I thanked Him again for knowing me, knowing my daughter, and sending us to this place of worship.

Fast forward a bit.....Chiara did not get to see Kate much.  Kate began to battle cancer for the second time.  I can't remember a night going by without Chiara praying for her.  She constantly asked if her mom had updated anything (on her blog).  We would all rejoice with good news and weep when it was not.  I am amazed at my young girl.  When they found the brain cancer had returned Chiara and I discussed donating her hair for Kate.  We found out that Kate would not be purchasing a real hair wig so for the time we let it go.  As time went on it was talked about here and there between Chiara and I.  I asked her again if she would like to donate her hair.  She knew it would not be for Kate, yet in her heart it was going to be for Kate.

There was so much joy when it was cut off.  I am amazed at this 7 year old.  She knows that whoever gets this gorgeous hair will be blessed because of it.  For our family this was more than just a donation, but an outward expression of our faith-knowing God set us in a certain place of worship at a certain time.  We continue to pray for Kate and I can say that every time I look at Chiara's new short hair I am reminded that He is God.  Always faithful and always true.

Chiara, Age 7-beautiful inside and out
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  1. Sooooooo proud of you Chiara! Love you and miss you!!!


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