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Recital Pictures-Behind the Scenes and At the Show

One of my favorite parts of the dance recital is volunteering back stage. Yes, I am watching other people's daughters for 2 hours. Yes, some are "high maintenance". Yes, I am exhausted when I leave. However, I love that this little act shows my daughters just how much I love and support them. I also love watching them from the side of stage and being right there for the end of the night curtain call.  High energy and fun.   Someday they will be all grown up and won't 'need' me back there...for now I love sharing in this with them.

Mayah using her stencils and keeping busy.

Chiara and her ballerina friends chatting, playing with Barbie's and just being together.

Chiara and her friend Savannah

Nanny and Grampy before the show. 

Proud parents.

Miss Rebecca came to support the girls and even brought them roses.  Daddy and Mommy gave them flowers too.

Nanny and Grampy got the girls trophies with their names and date on them.  Mayah loved it....but was really tired by 9:30pm when this was taken.

Mayah, Cristina (our neighbor and friend), and Chiara
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