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Happy 1st Birthday Emma Lynne

One year. ZOOM! Has it really been one year since Emma Lynne came into this family? Yes. Undeniably, yes. I think celebrating your baby's first birthday is more for you (the parent) than it is for them.  David and I congratulate one another on making it through the first year-which with Emma has not been easy.  It was a small gathering of only the important people to Emma's life this past year....her parents, of course her sisters, Nanny and Grampy, Great Nana and Grampy, our dear friends Andy and Kimberly Hutchins with Emma's buddy Ronan (who will be 1 in a few weeks!), and the McRae's-Mommy gets to have her 'bestie' here too!

I made a number 1 cake for us all to share and one for Emma to have all to herself. 

Nanny bought her this cute shirt.  She has just started reaching for Nanny when she sees her-about time!  They all become "Nanny's Sunshines".

Our dear friend Andy took my camera to snap some great shots for us! 

Emma has no idea what is going on, but she was ready to grab.

This one says, "Why do I get the small number 1?" 

Oh, a little finger scoop.....didn't last long....

Mayah was egging her on....

One of the best shots Andy got! Love in a picture!

Mmmmm, cake.

The big kids....eating neatly....

Emma, truly enjoying her cake!

Look at my cake.....

The money shot! 

Let's just say we had to use several washes to get it all off.  FUN!

Opening some gifts...this one is from Mommy, Daddy, and sisters

The McRae's got her this gyro bowl..she was fascinated with it

I love the excitement of this picture...she knew exactly what the Hutchins got her....since she had just played with this ball shooting toy at their house.  She CRACKS UP with it every time!

I am looking forward to taking her one year pictures. 

Having your first baby you experience love like no other.  You have no idea just how much more love you are capable of.....I can truly say I am head over heels for this little girl.  I love her with every ounce of my being-just as I do her three sisters.

Here are her 1 year stats, which I will probably write about again in her picture blog post.
Weight  17 lbs, 3 oz   Below 5th percentile! LOL!
Height  28 1/4 inches  10-25th percentile
Crawling, standing on own, uses walker to walk, says "mom", "dada", "hi", "ara" or aya" for sisters
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