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Getting Organized-Thank You Pinterest!

Pinterest.  So many great things about that site.  I have found myself back on lately-I just did not have time to get on for so long.

My neighbor and I found a great project to get our meal plans organized.  A Menu Board!  The original idea on Pinterest was a frame and just the menu as seen on my cork side.  I decided to buy the half cork half white board for even more organization! 

To be clear, it is not a "to do" list on the white board - those are too much pressure.  Instead this is a reminder list.  Some things I know need to get done right away and others are there until I get to them.  With four kids in the house there are just so many things to remember.  It is also great because my husband and I can remind the other of things.  The day of the week is on there because across the hall is Accountable Kids and they can just look over to see the day of the week.

We are on our third week using the board and I love it.  I am rotating meals - based on the meats purchased at Sam's Club that we Food Save!  I will ask the family for any requests, which they love.  This way I am pulling meat out to defrost ahead of time and it makes shopping (for side dishes, ingredients, etc) so much easier.

All in All a great idea!
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