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Shoot 'em Up!

My parents invited us to the Tres Rio Nature Festival. It was a great family time-archery, fishing, bouncing, pony ride (for Leah), snakes, and kettle corn!

We love Arizona Game and Fish-they have such great events and activities. Chiara LOVES archery! In fact, she asked for a bow for her birthday, but we told her we were going to wait. Not because we do not want her to have one, quite the opposite, but we want to find a place where she can learn and use her skills before making the investment. Mayah and Chiara were in line to shoot some arrows and at the last moment Mayah decided she was too scared. The instructor asked me if I would like to shoot....HECK YA!!!! I have not shot a bow and arrow since grade school....and I was a great shot then! I have good aim-I did with the .22 revolver at the shooting range a while back and again here with a bow and arrow!

Chiara rocked it out too! I was so proud of my girl. What is great is that she does it with a huge smile on her face. I am happy that David had his phone since I forgot my camera at home this time. It really was a great day together, with Nanny and Grampy, and enjoying nature!

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