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9 Month Old Nonsense

I don't know who gave Emma Lynne permission to grow up so quickly....too quickly. Nine months, seriously? Why do the months go by so fast? She is babbling all the time, crawling everywhere, pulling herself up, and back to not sleeping well. I am sure it is the impending teeth (nothing yet) and growing, but this Mama feels like I have done my time in the middle of the night and I am spent.

I am enjoying her smile and laugh. She "talks" so much now...I tell everyone she is Russian "da". She loves when we Skype with people and will move all around so she can see and be seen. She loves to feed herself and rarely takes from a spoon, unless it is mine! It's this time of eating that I am glad to still be nursing, knowing she is getting such great nutrition from me because what she eats otherwise is unpredictable.

She is such a cuddle-bug and I love it. She will not fall asleep being held-never has-but loves to lay her head on me. Love. She loves being read Goodnight Moon before bed and lately all she wants to do is practice standing. We already have a gate at the bottom of the stairs because we have found her on the bottom step crawling up twice now.

I love her face. I love her smile. I love watching her personality develop and be seen. I love how she fits in this family so perfectly. Perfection.
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