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Love in a snack bag

I am a morning person. Not sure when that happened, but I think in college. I would rather get up early and feel ready for the day ahead than stay up late at night getting things done. Even on the weekends I am up early. Having four children-all still very young-almost requires it. Once they are up it is go, go, go. Because we choose to home school the dynamic of our home is different too. I am not rushing to get kids out the door, but rather spending LOTS of time together. I love this, but I am a person too (yes, outside of being a mom I am Jennifer) and I need time to myself. So, up early.

Another benefit of being up early is seeing my gorgeous husband before he leaves for work. Since he leaves around 6:15 am everyday I need to be up much earlier than that if I want to have time to myself and time with him each day. We just started working out together (30 Day Shred) at 5 am. We are holding each other accountable and getting in shape. Love it. Ok, right now I hate it, but I love the time together. After we work out, he showers and I make him breakfast. Eggs. Always eggs. He loves a breakfast scramble, but time is tight in the mornings now. He was chopping veggies every morning, which was 1. time consuming and 2. annoying. I am a morning person, but I like quiet in the morning. It is loud enough here all day long that an hour in the morning should be as close to silent as possible.

To solve both problems I decided to chop and freeze. I made 14 little baggies yesterday with onion, peppers, mushrooms, and either spinach or broccoli. Since David eats totally grain free and I am getting back there too, this is a fabulous way to serve eggs. I did not tell him that I did this, so when he came home and I showed him he was thrilled. What is great is that peppers are on sale right now so I can stock up, do all the chopping and since I am freezing them I do not worry about them staying fresh. Cost saving, time saving, and David feels loved. Awesome.

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