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A la Jennifer/Mommy

Since David and I were married he has eaten MANY "a la Jennifer" meals. It is something we use to name meals that I just throw together. Some I make all the time now and others are a one shot deal-partly because I can't recall how I made it. Now we call them "a la Mommy" meals but most of the time they are "scrambles". If I tell the girls I am making a "scramble" for dinner they get very excited....little do they know it's because I have a bunch of left over veggies that need to be used or I really have no idea what to make for dinner. (Yes, I try to plan but it is usually a day ahead of time only).

Well, this one I wanted to document. Partly because I want to remember the "scramble" and also this one was goooooooood!

Ground beef (2 lbs)
Seasoning (the key): salt, pepper, chipotle pepper, garlic powder, oregano
Red onion
Black beans
red and green peppers diced (I froze them when they went on sale super cheap!)
Sour cream and cream cheese to get the creamy texture
**Since we do not eat grains I served this just as it time over cauliflower "potatoes" would be fantastic!

I love that my kids think I am some gourmet chef when something like this is in front of them....I hope all four of them can fool their children too!

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