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Chiara Turns 7 (Part 1)

Well, it happened. I tried to stop it, really I did. However, Chiara insisted on turning 7. Didn't we just celebrate her turning 5?!?!?! Well, if she was going to turn 7 I figured I better make it memorable.

I came up with the party idea "Pizza, Popcorn, & Pajamas". It was not a sleepover, but close to it. Chiara was allowed to invite a handful of girls-her dearest friends. I want her to really think about who she invites. Her list was ready, invites handed out, and planning began.

Here are the favors I made to go with our theme. Popcorn containers containing a bag of popcorn and a sleep mask that said Sweet Dreams. Super cute. Chiara loved the idea.

I even made movie ticket stubs with each guests name on it.

Getting ready the night before her birthday. I decorated the house,which includes window crayons on the back door and both bathroom mirrors.

Good Morning Birthday Girl! Chiara woke to 7 balloons and a gift from Daddy and Mommy. It was a great morning. She requested cinnamon raisin bagels and bacon for breakfast.

Daddy picks out the cards in this was a talking one. It sang "What I like about you!" She loved it.

One of her gifts from us....she loves American Girl and really loves Kit. She has read 3 Kit books already from the library.

SURPRISE! I love surprising our girls. David had planned to take a half day, but we wanted it to be a surprise-it's always better to go that route since we never know what may come up with his work these days. So, we sat down to lunch and planned on opening up some more gifts. I knew he was on his way, so we started later than planned. When we walked in the door the joy just about jumped up to the ceiling. There is SO much love in this house!!!

Chiara opening her cards and gift from her sisters.

She was so excited (as if her face did not give it away!)

It was Barbie Fairy Secret.

Another gift from Daddy and Mommy....I love her face!!!!!!!

She would not let it is a Barbie Jet, Set, and Style Wii Game. She is fascinated that we remembered what she wanted. I love seeing her filled with happiness.

The day did not end here. We were all off the the Pinal County Fair followed by her birthday party. You can read about that all here.

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