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Trimming the tree

I love Christmas! I love Christmas decorations! I love the joy that resounds in my house this time of the year!

This year, in our new home, we are able to have the tree in the living room instead of the front room. I love it! I love that Leah loves turning it on and keeping it on all day! I love that it is right here in our main living space. Christmas morning is going to be so much fun!!!!!

Here is the tree "before".

Chiara has gotten so tall!!!!!

The ballerinas with their ballerina ornaments!

David buys the girls ornaments the day after Christmas each year when they go on sale and gives them out the night we decorate. We were not sure Mayah would still love Toothless from Tarin Your Dragon, but she was freaking out excited!!!

Leah is all about the musical ornaments this year!

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