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Mayah's 5th Birthday

Mayah turning 5 is a BIG deal. Five is a big deal,but for Mayah it is even bigger. She stretches me most as a parents. She makes me think outside the box. She tests my patience. She keeps me on my toes. She loves with all her being. She gives the best little kisses. She is our peanut.

She does not walk anyway....nope. She hops, leaps, skips, twirls....and falls....a lot. She is sensitive and sweet. She is head over heels for Emma, which I adore seeing!

This year for her birthday I surprised her with a special lunch guest. Kelcie Robinson is one of my former students and Mayah's former gymnastics teacher. Mayah fell in love with Kelcie the first day. So, having Kelcie over for a birthday lunch was perfect.

This year the girls made their birthday cakes with David. I used the girl's crayons for glass and wrote a message on the back door and bathroom mirrors. Mayah was all smiles!

I have decided to start doing the girl's yearly pictures. Why have an awesome camera and not use it for these beautiful princesses! Here is a sample of my special one-on-one time with Mayah. We went down to the Villago entrance and watched the ducks, fish, and geese. Mayah does not pose for pictures so it was about catching her in action. What I love best in these pictures is her hair....I have always said that it is a wonderful representation of her personality. Crazy, wild, beautiful, all over the place, and feminine. Love it.

Mayah's birthday party was small and sweet. It was a Rapunzel theme (though she will tell you Dragon was there too). Her friends Cristina, Ranelle, and Madeline were able to come. It was princess fun with painting on canvas, Chick-fil-A, and chocolate cake!

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