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The inevitable has happened

Yes, they all succumb to it. There seems to be no avoiding it. Sweet Emma Lynne seems to becoming quite the Daddy's girl. Since Emma is SUCH a Mommy's Girl it is really noticeable that she is wanting more and more time with her Daddy.
When he comes home from work she will stop everything, including nursing, to see him. She will crank her neck all the way around to make contact and if she is not on his list of "hello kisses" she will let him know. Some days she yells at him until he picks her up.
Yesterday, he was taking the 3 other girls to the park while Emma and I hung out for a bit. Well, that is what I thought....she yelled in my lap until he came and got her and took her to the park too! Hilarious! No, not complaining, just such a change over the last month with this little girl.
So, 4 Daddy's Girls. It is the prayer of my heart that it lasts forever.

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