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Mi CASA Christmas Program

This year Chiara and Mayah participated in our home school support group's Christmas program. They have been practicing the songs since October and did a great job! I am so very proud of them. Chiara volunteered to be "Mary" and walk in baby Jesus and Mayah memorized Luke 2:19 "And Mary kept all these things and pondered them in her heart" and recited that. So proud! Leah amazes me-she memorized most of the songs too, but decided not to join them on stage. Hearing her sing, 'Oh come let us adore him, come let us adore him, come let us adore hiiiimmmm, Chriiiist da Lord!" Tears in my eyes!

I am so happy that my mom, aka Nanny, aka Nans, was able to come down to watch the girls. Making memories. I could not have seen them performing without her present. She is such a huge part of their lives!
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