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Kandoo Soap is made by the devil...

Ok, Kandoo soap is probably not made by the devil, but in this house it is considered so.

Mayah has not been herself for a couple weeks now. She had been melting down, freaking out, not able to control her anger or her tears, and not listening to any direction or redirection. It was awful. I kept attributing it to not enough sleep. Since Mayah is a go, go, go kind of kid she goes until she drops so I know she can wear herself out. I figured maybe a growth spurt too. So, after many nights of "extra" sleep and still not seeing any change my Mommy instinct kicked in full dye. But how? Where?

One great benefit of staying home and of home schooling is that I know what my kids are eating and snacking on every day. I did a mental list of Mayah's diet for a week and could come up with nothing. Nothing.

I have heard it said that some people do their best thinking on the toilet. Well, as I sat in the downstairs one I looked over and saw the Kandoo hand soap David had bought the girls. It is "berry" scented and purple. The girls love it. I am happy to say that they are great at washing their hands. Did I mention Mayah bites her fingernails and puts her hands in her mouth? Ugh.

We have never had an issue with red #40 getting in/on her skin and causing a reaction. Probably why it never occurred to David or I that the soap would be a problem. Even with rinsing her hands the trace amounts on her fingers was enough to cause a reaction. I know there are many un-believers out there, but I know the difference in Mayah and Mayah being exposed to Red #40. Sunday Mayah was back to herself. Saturday, when I had the revelation, she would not even go in time out without screaming and crying and eventually being picked up and placed in time out. It was actually after that the light bulb went off. I called her over and explained my theory. She is not to use the soap. Sunday....she said she felt better and WOW what a difference!

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