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Baking Day With Nanny

I have wonderful memories of baking at Christmas time with my mom. I can also remember dozens and dozens of Italian fig cookies. I love memories you can just taste!

So, here I am a mother of 4 girls and I am super blessed to have my mom and dad living here in Arizona. Perfection....well, we have all decided that perfect would be if we lived closer, but pretty darn close to perfection. This year Nanny came down the night before, took the two big girls out to a local production of The Nutcracker (ask her about the "snow"!), and the next day after a bit of school we started baking. First we made the sugar cookie dough so it could sit in the fridge. Then, we made peanut butter cookies with a hershey kiss. I threw some biscotti in there too!

Leah was really into this year which was great! Everyone wants to be part of the making, mixing, and creating. All 3 girls wore their "Baking with Nanny" aprons she purchased them last year. So cute! Leah lasted way longer than I thought she would and I think everyone had a blast! And how do you end a day of baking with girls.....a tea party!

Leah insisted on dropping the peanut butter cookie batter. It was funny watching Nanny "shave" some off after the drop had been made!

Mayah learning to press lightly

Chiara helped to "shave" off some batter too

Yes, Leah had to be part of the entire process this year

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