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For My Mother

There is one thing that I am sure of-my mother loves me. I have never doubted that...even in the worst of times. Sure, I contributed to those gray hairs that she now covers with blonde, and I am positive she could point out which stretch marks I gave her but I know she loves me.

I always refer to my mom as a "Mom's Mom". She was born into the role-helping to raise her younger brothers. When her mother talks about my mom in that role it is nothing but praise and joy. Maybe that would surprise my mom. She went from big sister/mom to mom to nanny with ease.

I know leaving the role as "full time mom" was emotionally tough on her, but over the past few years I have seen Bea come is fun to get to know her outside of that role. When you are a kid you don't realize that your mom is a person.....then of course I became a mom and had the 'a-ha' moment. I can now see how many sacrifices she made for us....real sacrifices of herself for us. Funny how things that happened 20 years ago (or more) can be lessons for the here and now.

Now, my mom is Nanny to my girls and I adore her in this role. There is no better Nanny out there. It's like watching the fun side of your own mom all the time. We love having her vacation with us, join us for special activities, and be around for as much as possible. When you are a kid you just want your parents to be all fun, but they can't. So, when you can have them around to be grandparents it is great-finally the all fun begins.

So, here's to you mom...Happy Mother's Day!

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