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Celebrating His Resurrection

I love Easter....I love what it means and Who it is all about. The egg hunts are great, baking, cooking, and family togetherness, but knowing how much God loves us to send his son to die for us is the most amazing joy. This year the joy has increased....two of our girls have really come to know and love Jesus. Their young understanding amazes David and I. We feel no need to have to constantly remind them of it, like some have done/do to them, because we are watching what He is doing. It is a continuous open and ongoing conversation in our house. Beauty.
I cannot look at this picture without laughing. It really does look like baby girl in my belly is knocking Miss Leah over! Just about right for this house. I love that we have 3 girls and another girl on the way. It is exactly how it is supposed to be.
Here we are making Easter Empty Tomb cookies. What was really wonderful this year is that Chiara was able to read most of the scriptures herself! Awesome. I love hearing the Word of God, but hearing it read from our sweet girl adds such beauty and joy. The girls loved sealing the tomb and then waking in the morning to enjoy the empty tomb cookies.
For Easter baskets this year we put in one book, panties, comb sets, and link jewelry to make. Leah LOVED her Minnie Mouse panties!!! It was the highlight of the day! I am so happy to say that David took care of buying ALL the panties.....he did a great job! He also bought the girls Tangled. He had taken them twice to see it at the theater and was just as excited to sit and watch it again. So, after all the fun we all sat and watched! Great movie!
David and I decided to do 2 egg hunts. The girls do not even talk about an Easter Bunny and that works just fine for us. In no way does it take away from their excitement in finding eggs. We hid 41 this year. FUN! Leah really got into it and sisters helped her find some.
We dyed eggs this year with all natural dyes. Red was beets, blue was grape juice, and yellow was turmeric. They came out great and the girls were able to draw on them with Chiara's oil pastels before putting them in the coloring. We enjoyed them at breakfast this AM.
Once Nanny and Grampy and Great Nana and Great Grampy arrived we skyped with Aunt Jessica for a bit and then went out for a second egg hunt. I love that my parents and grandparents can enjoy this time with the girls and the girls love them being here. The girls really looked lovely in the dresses from Nanny and the entire day was filled with JOY!!!!!

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  1. Jennifer, what an amazing blessed Easter you had. I really enjoyed reading about it. I can't wait to see your fourth little girl :-)


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