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Chiara's Church Promotion

This weekend our Church had a promotion ceremony for the Kindergartners because they are leaving the 'Heartland' ministry and entering 'Reel Time'. We have only been at this church since October, but we really feel at home here and I can tell the girls do because Chiara really wanted to attend this function.
It was cute. the kids sang us a couple songs, recited John 3:16, were given gift bags, had a chance to see some of what Reel Time is about, and then a little celebration...with sugar of course!

This is Chiara with Miss Kathy, the main teacher for the class. One thing I absolutely love about Cornerstone is that they make it a point to know each kid, by name.
Chiara with her certificate and graduation monkey.
Getting ready to sing us "Yes Lord"
Watching and listening to our girls praise the Lord is such a gift. Yes, tears in my eyes.

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