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Mother's Day 2011

I am not just Mom, I am Mommy. There is a big difference. Mommy comes with tenderness, compassion, and little ones.....yes, little ones. I have three of the most beautiful girls who are smart, funny, and assertive. They all have their times of wanting to cuddle, wanting to talk with me, and wanting to play. They are all individuals. They are each building their own personal relationship with Christ that I love being a part of.

This Mother's Day I carry with me our fourth precious daughter. Feeling her EVERY movement today reminds me that each of these girls were once growing inside my womb; part of me. That alone brings joy. I have never felt that I am missing out on anything for not having a son, because I have great peace that this is exactly what our family was supposed to be.

I love being Mommy. The job is never ending, exhausting, and painful, but it comes with rewards that are immeasurable.

Mommy with her three girls. The shirts read "You are My Sunshine"-they are from Nanny, but I had them in them today because they really do light up my life!
This was taken the night before Mother's Day.....they love one another-now that is a true Mother's Day gift!
Mommy and Mayah. She is as strong-willed as they come, but I would not want to change her. She always wants just one extra hug and kiss-so much love to give. She is still our peanut and has the most energy of anyone in this house!
Mommy and Leah. She is feisty and quite silly. She loves getting her sisters to laugh at her little noises or sayings. Because she is almost 2.5 yrs I am watching her change right before my eyes each day. She wants to be heard and involved with everything "big girl".
Mommy and Chiara. The one who started it all...and as you can see from her note below she loves that! She is smart and sensitive. Her empathy continues to impress me. She has a mothering nature that I know will only grow and strengthen as she gets older.
Chiara's little Mother's Day love note to me.......her heart is so big!!!

I still can't believe this is my sixth Mother's Day. I remember the first one, spending it in Michigan at a friend's wedding and sharing our new daughter with our friends that had become like family to us. Six years later, 3 girls with another on the way......I never could have imagined this, but I am loving it all!

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  1. So sweet, Jen!
    Happy Mother's Day!!!

    Can't wait to see your newest little princess!


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