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A Man Made to Father Girls

David and I are coming up on our 10th wedding anniversary, but we have known one another for about 14 years now. We both knew very early (like, right away) that we were going to marry. Love at first sight, total romance, all that great movie stuff but REAL! We both wanted children and always talked about having four....neither one of us had any idea that could mean four girls.

Well, it did! There are times I like to sit back and just watch him interact with the girls-no, not in a let me show me how you are doing it wrong way, but he is different with them and they are so very much head-over-heels for him! I am still surprised that EVERY day he comes home from work is still a mini celebration.

It seems that today was Leah's "Daddy Day". There are days like this for all of them where they just seem to want Daddy....for everything. I am pretty sure I heard Leah walk right into the bathroom today on David. Just had to be with him. I caught them each playing a handheld video game today on the couch. Super cute. And tonight David was at the table working on his paper (he is in school for his Masters Degree) and Leah left my lap, picked out a book, and plopped herself on her Daddy's lap. He stopped what he was doing and read to could I not get up and capture that???? It makes my heart sing. I fully believe these girls will know their Daddy loves them because of little things like this.

Reading together

Checking out Daddy's game
Both in their own worlds, but together
Some pictures just say...LOVE.

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