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Mini Moms

It's no secret that Chiara is a mini-mom in our home. It is a role she has walked into joyfully-not one we impose on her. It is her nature and has never seemed bother by helping out with her baby sisters (first Leah and now Emma). It is not a role that Mayah stepped into until Emma was born. Seeing her step up and want to help and nurture her baby sister was a breath of fresh air. When Leah was born, Mayah was just 2, and was not a fan of this new baby we had at all. In fact she basically ignored her until Leah was 5 months old. One small (and brief) downside to having babies so close in age. Over the past couple of months Leah has shown and increase in interest in Emma and in helping with Emma.  It is so sweet to see a relationship starting between these two.

I think about my three mini-moms and how helpful, caring, and sweet they can be.  I have three extra noses to let me know when Emma needs to be changed.  The two oldest move Emma out of harms way.  All three let me know if Emma is into something she should not be.  Three mini-moms who can get Emma to laugh...Mayah can get her to belly laugh like no one else! Three sets of helpful hands to refill Emma's sippy or get her more food/snack. 

Here are the three mini-moms on one of our nightly family walks with their babies (and one bear-bear).  Not sure they could be any cuter!
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