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Mother's Day and Thoughts on Being Mommy

My first "Mother's Day" as a mom to four children girls!  It's already hard to imagine my very large belly last year at this time.  When I think about my first Mother's Day in Michigan with David and Chiara I can't really believe how much my life has changed! 

In our home we really don't celebrate "Mother's Day", but I would say it is "Mom's Day" or "Mommy's Day."  Many women are mothers, but being called "mom" or "mommy" is more than stating the fact that your birthed a child; those names come with a deeper meaning and greater relationship.  They are names that I cherish.  I know I will always be their mother, but being their mom/mommy is so much more important to me than that.  When I speak of my own mother she is always "mom" - implying a deep and intimate relationship, one that I cherish. 

My day started at 5:15AM with a morning wake up call from Emma Lynne.  The first thing I did on Mommy's Day was nurse my sweet baby.  Love.  She went back to sleep and so did I.  I was woken by David, Chiara, Mayah, and Emma (Leah had slept over my parents house to return at lunch time) with scrambled eggs, sausage, and COFFEE!  I love when David makes me tastes even better served in bed!  Mayah had picked some flowers from outside and both girls had made me lovely cards.  David got me a wonderful card as well....he really does a great job picking out cards!  Chiara stayed and chatted for a bit then fetched my laptop for me.  Ahhhh, coffee and blog reading.  Perfect.  I was in bed until after 9AM...unheard of!  David had cleaned the kitchen and had his list ready for the grocery store. 

After showering and tidying up a bit Chiara and I prepared the salad for lunch.  We had my parents and my grandparents here for a wonderful lunch and homemade tiramisu for dessert (totally gluten free!!!!!!!!!!!!!!).  For dinner, David and the girls took me to our favorite place in town, Picazzos', which sadly is closing. 

Chiara and I prepping the salad

A fellow homeschool mom and friend hosted a "preschool" time for a few kids over the past month. Leah and Mayah went and the last craft was a Mother's Day Mug.

Love this.  Leah's hugs are not as frequent as the 2 big girls so this is a  precious picture!

Love this little peanut!

Emma is fianlly smitten with Nanny...only took 11 months and Nanny babysitting the Thursday night before this!

No tiramisu for Emma.....chocolate covered pretzels....covered being the focus apparently!

Me and my mom enjoying our tiramisu and great conversation!  

Me and mom

Me and my girls.....there is so much love on this one couch I am surprised it can hold us!!!!
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