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Awana Ceremony 2012

This year we made the prayerful decision to change where we enrolled our girls in Awana. We are happy we made the choice to put them at Grace Church; this church suits our family and the reasons we have them in Awana.  Awana is a program to teach children scripture.  It is not about who is "the best" or meant to be competitive, but instead to encourage and lift up. 

It's hard to believe that we started in August and here we are at the end already.  I am so proud of all the hard work both girls have put into this.  Knowing they are learning God's Word and building friendships brings us JOY.  Another great benefit from Awana is giving my home schooled girls an opportunity to have a classroom setting.  They love their 'teachers' and leaders.  We do too!

Catching Mayah walking in.  She and her buddy Owen were the 2 oldest in Cubbies this year-promoting to Sparks next year.

Chiara and her big smile!  Her second year of Sparks; one more to go!

Cubbie Bear came to see the Cubbies get their certificates. 

I love that Awana recognizes the parents with a certificate also.  Mayah and her Daddy receiving theirs.


Chiara receiving her ribbon for Book 2.  

I think the real highlight of the night was that Miss Rebecca was back from college (before leaving on a missions trip to Cambodia this summer).  The girls adore do we!

Chiara with Sparkie

Mayah with Cubbie
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