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Home Sweet Home

I can say with great certainty that this was the best surgery I have had out of the 4. Amazing. When I could do laps of the labor and delivery floor I knew I was ready to go home. There is always that pull of wanting more focused time on your new little one and wanting to be back together as a family. I love my girls and I knew they were struggling without me home.

So, Sunday I made sure to tell the doctor on call that I was going to be ready to leave Monday. He got all the paperwork ready. A major plus was seeing my own OB before leaving since I knew he was on call Monday...the day we were supposed to come in and have our sweet Emma Lynne.

One great blessing on Monday was the nurse, Diane from Long Island originally, who took out my staples. David and I were talking with her while she was removing them and telling her that at the time she was getting us ready to go home we were supposed to be checking in...the paperwork was in my bag! She said, "The best part is that she was born on her birthday; on the day she was supposed to be born." Tears flowed. She was right. Emma Lynne came on her day. Beautiful.

Here is Daddy with his 3 helpers getting baby sister ready to come home.

Emma, all snug as a bug and ready to leave!

Finally all home!!!!

Daddy helping the girls give Emma a tour of the house.

The sign the girls made to welcome their sister home.

No tv needed, this is enough entertainment for them!

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