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Meeting Emma Lynne

On Saturday morning (6/4) Nanny, my mom, brought the 3 big sisters to meet Emma. I was so excited for them. This would be a totally different experience for Mayah and we were uncertain about Leah. When Leah was born Mayah was only 2....she seemed more scared than anything.

Everything about this was wonderful!!! All three wanted to hold Emma! Chiara just has mothering instincts, Mayah enjoys saying shhhh to comfort sister, and Leah just loved being the newest big sister. It brought me so much joy watching them.

Chiara having cuddle time with Emma on Sunday.

Grampy meeting his granddaughter on Sunday.

This is one of my favorites! Her smile is SO big!

She is just a natural!

Emma catching a snooze from all the sister lovin'!

This is Mayah's first meeting....she is going "shhhhhh". She just has this desire to comfort her.

Here is Leah's first meeting. She is learning how to be with her by copying her sisters. She will "shhhh" her, let us know when she is crying (and do not try and tell her it is just "fusing" because she will be very upset), and I find her constantly checking on her. Love it.

This little girl is sooooo loved!

Finally, the oldest meets the youngest. Such happiness from Chiara.

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